Crazy Hair Colors & Styles

With the changing time, the hair styling industry is also changing. There are a lot of modifications being made in the way the people style their hair. New kinds of hair styles are emerging every now and then and old styles are being modified to give a new kind of look. In order to get a dramatic look, people are often seen going for crazy hair styles and crazy hair colors.

People play a lot with their hair, so that they get a completely new look. They want to look different and fabulous these days. The trend in the hair styling industry has gained more prominence towards crazy hair colors such as red, blue and purple. An individual can come up with a funky kind of hair style with the help of hair cutting and hair coloring techniques.

Some of the crazy hair styles include coontail hair style, mohawk hair style and dreadlocks.

Mohawk hair style

Mohawk hair style is one of the most desired hair styles by people willing to carry a funky kind of hair style. A crazy look can be given by coloring the Mohawk hair style in orange, purple or pink color.  A Mohawk hair style can be created either spiky and short or long hair style with sharp edges.


Dreadlocks are the kinds of hair styles that are very popular among crazy hair styles. The hair are matted together in this kind of hair style. Such a hair style does not require much maintenance and is carried very well by both men and women.

Coontail hair style

In case of coontail hair style, the look of a tail is given to the hair. Stripes are created in hair in this kind of hair style. In most of the cases, white and back colors are used to create spikes.

It is very important for an individual to straighten the hair daily with the help of flat iron so that all the white and black stripes are visible. Also, it is very important for an individual to maintain such a hair style with great effort. Great amount of volume is required at crown to create a perfect coontail hair style.


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