Cool Summer Tips For Radiant Skin

Skin care during summer not only means drowning yourself in sunscreen, there is a lot more that goes in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. The heat can absorb all the moisture not only from our body but also from the skin and hair. So the most important thing is to keep the skin hydrated all the time. Not only does the skin need hydration but our body too needs hydration hence it is essential to consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water. Infact your diet should include more liquids like fresh fruit juices, coconut water and cooling veggies etc.

Whatever you eat will show up on the skin, so eat loads of fresh and juicy fruits like water melon, musk melon, grapes, oranges, replace your aerated drinks with fresh lime water. There is a grandma’s recipe for keeping the body and skin cool during summer. Soak fennel seeds (saunf) and Mishri in water overnight and strain in the morning, drink this soothing water for a clear and radiant skin during summer.

There are some more home remedies to keep your skin in good condition, Aam panna which is available in India is also a great way to hydrate the skin. Also consume curd in the form of buttermilk, wash your face with buttermilk to get a glowing complexion.

Moisturising is important during summer but it should be light and mild, heavy winter moisturisers are a complete no no. Also try to buy a sunscreen that offers light moisturisation, it will not only save your skin from the harsh UV rays but will also hydrate the skin.

Use a sun block that has UV filters apart from SPF, UV filters are necessary for protection from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The Sun Protection Factor also plays a very important role in saving your skin from the sun, an SPF of 15 to 20 is a must during this hot summer.

Repeat application of sunscreen may be required if your exposure to the sun is more than 2 hours. Also use a water resistant sunscreen if you plan to go for a swim or to a beach.

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