Control Acne with Six Steps

Acne is a grieving skin condition; teenagers are more susceptible to it, due  to oil glands which are stimulated because of hormones. It generally fades away by the age of 25, but to deal with the skin condition for a long period can be disgusting.

There are hordes of creams and endless dermatologists to care for your skin. Some may find  hope with treatment while the majority of them continue to battle with it.

You need a healthy skin care regime to prevent the breakouts and keep them at bay.

Use soap according to your acne and skin type

Washing the face every morning and night is a criterion to keep away the dirt and oils from penetrating the skin. To derive maximum benefits wash the face with right soap for your acne and skin type. Basically acne soaps have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to treat acne. If you are looking for natural products aloe vera and tea tree oil ingredients in soap is ideal to combat acne.

Use noncomedogenic products

When you are buying creams or lotions take care to purchase noncomedogenic products .It is a term applied to creams, lotions and oil which do no clog the pores, this will reduce the occurrence of acne.

Allow the skin to breathe

After your night wash, allow your skin to breathe. The skin will produce its own oil to check the dryness. If it is dry use shielding lotion ,which can benefit the skin tremendously.

Avoid exfoliates that are grainy

Never use exfoliates that can irritate the acne or pimple. It can rupture and cause the infection to spread. Instead try a mask which contains sulfur, homemade mask can be soothing.

Wash your makeup brushes

You have to keep the makeup brushes clean. It is the breeding ground for bacteria. If you apply makeup with unclean brushes acne can get worsened.

Avoid moisturizers and makeup

Most of the moisturizers contain mineral oil which can clog the pore and result in inflammation of the skin. Using heavy makeup to cover the pimples, can in fact give rise to many fresh ones making the condition worse.

In addition to the above tips, wash your face if you perspire wearing a hat or helmet as it can aggravate acne. If your hair is oily, shampoo it daily.


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