Conditioning for Healthy Hair

Many people believe that washing the hair with shampoo is sufficient to clean and protect it. While most of the dirt and dust is removed with proper use of a good shampoo, shampooing the hair is by no means enough. The use of a good conditioner must follow.

Along with cleaning the hair, chemicals in the shampoo also have the tendency to dry out the hair. Coupled with the harsh conditions the hair is otherwise exposed to, mere shampooing leaves hair dull and lifeless. Conditioners help hydrate and moisturize the hair, giving it a silkier, shiny look. They protect and improve the texture of the hair, decelerating hair loss. This protection offered to the hair leaves it easier to manage and reduces tangles while combing. The hair is less fuzzy, and is easier to manage and style.

Select a good conditioner which is meant for your hair type. Once you have shampooed your hair well, take a coin-sized amount of conditioner (the amount used ideally depends on the length of the hair) and rub it gently onto the roots of the hair. Conditioner is not to be used on the scalp. It is meant only for the protection of the roots. Leave conditioner in the hair for about on minute and rinse out thoroughly. The change in the quality of the hair is almost instantly noticeable.

Today, we also have the option of conditioners that do not need to be washed out. Leave-in conditioners require to be run through the hair using the fingers once the hair has been washed and left in.

Beautiful, healthy hair is everyone’s right. It is with our own apathy and neglect that we cause problems to the hair. Care and caution are all it takes to own soft, trouble-free hair.

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