Common Hairstyle Mistakes

A good hairstyle can camouflage all your facial flaws and highlight your best features while a bad one will work the other way round. The first step to get your hairstyle right is to get a good haircut. Consult a hair dresser of good repute, take suggestions from friends, and remember it is very important to discuss your look with your hair dresser. If he/she understands your requirement and gives valuable inputs then this hairdresser is for keeps.

Choosing a good stylist will make a lot of difference to your hair cut. Having zeroed down on the hair dresser, its time to do some homework to avoid any hair mistakes. You need to understand your face shape, your features and your personality type to ensure that you carry the hairstyle with élan.

We share some common mistakes people tend to commit and also advice you to avoid such blunders.

1) Features v/s haircut – Haircut should compliment your features, so if you have a long and think nose go for a hairstyle that will keep the hair away from the face. Similarly for people with big nose, a haircut that has loads of volume at the crown will be a good idea.

Also look at the overall shape of your face, if you have a long narrow face then a short crop which is above the chin will be perfect, you can add some fringes if you wish. For people with double chin or a small chin, bob cut can come to rescue. Cut the bob shorter from behind and longer, i.e upto chin from the front.

2) Bad haircut – Inspite of your research and efforts to get a good hair dresser, if you feel that your hairstyle has gone phut don’t panic. There are ways to cover bad haircuts, for instance if your bangs keep poking in your eyes, cut them short.

If short is not your type then pin them up with a fancy pin or gripper. On the other hand if your bangs are cut too short then shorten them even further and create spikes with some hair gel or spray. Be innovative and think of alternates to fix your bad haircut until your hair grows out.

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