Colour Me Red

Highlighting hair is one of the latest trend and the colour that has hit this season is Red. Bright reds look fabulous both – globally and with streaks. Depending on the personality of the wearer one can have a global colour or flashes of bright red. Global colouring with red can look very shocking and loud so be very sure about it. However, Indian hair has red pigmentation hence the colour look good and stays well on Indian hair. If you go for a global red colour then opt for deeper shades of red and use brighter reds and mahogany for highlights.

Another advantage of highlights is that root touch up is not required very frequently whereas in case of global colouring re-growth can be a problem. Root touch up can be a headache, so it is better to go for highlights.

What also matters while choosing your hair colour is your personality type and the texture of hair. Red is not meant for the faint hearted ones, you should be able to carry it off. Someone with an out-going personality who is energetic and lively can choose red.

The hair quality is also very important, you need to have thick healthy hair. You cannot carry red colour if your hair is damaged and dry. The colour suits straight as well as wavy hair. It is vital to use the right kind of hair products for coloured hair. Reds have a tendency to fade sooner, so the care should be optimum.

Use specific colour protecting shampoo’s and conditioner’s. Also use a saturating conditioning treatment once in a week. There are certain shampoos that contain colour pigments, which can be used as refreshers for red colour. You can also use a hair masque and leave-in conditioner and avoid long exposure in the sun since reds tend to fade quickly.

One thought on “Colour Me Red

  1. sammy says:

    My natural hair colour is a mid golden brown, although it’s been dyed a variety of colours over the past five years. My most recent was a bright red, permanent using Schwarzkopf Live XXL for dark hair. I have recently used two brown dyes (mid ash) to try and get back to my natural colour. There is still quite a lot of red in it and it’s getting darker.
    I tried a strand test using elimin8 and it barely touched the red. My hairdresser quoted me £50 to take me back using a bleach bath, two colours and a toner. I’m no hairdresser but I’m fairly experienced with colour, I’m hoping someone has some more suggestions for me or will guide me through the bleach process as I’m a little nervous.
    Money is an issue and I don’t want to damage my hair, but I am open to any suggestions.
    Thank you for your time

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