Clean Makeup Brushes to Keep Skin Infections at Bay

Some of the skin infections of the face can be your own contribution. The culprit behind this is the makeup brush. The way we take care of our self, in the same manner you need to take care of the makeup brush, as it is the breeding ground for the bacteria.

When your skin is clogged with bacteria you have breakouts such as pimple or acne, it is an indication that your makeup brush requires cleaning. It is necessary to clean your makeup brush on a regular basis to keep it free from bacteria and to keep the skin diseases at bay.

How to take care of the makeup brush? Well, fill the sink with warm water .Add mild shampoo to it, hold the makeup brush and brow brush by the handle and shake the bristles thoroughly in the soapy water to and fro until they foam.

If brow brush has any entanglement at the base of the brush, remove it with a tooth pick, before washing it. You can also clean the brush, by gently massaging the brush in a circular motion. Rinse the brush thoroughly in clean water, until the film of soap is removed. The brush should look clean .

The handle should be cleaned with a soapy damp linen and wipe it again with a dry cloth. Squeeze out the excess water from the brushes, and wipe with a clean dry towel. Start out at the base and reach to the top while drying the brushes.  Allow them to dry naturally by spreading it out on clean dry towel, overnight, to air dry.

Do not use hair dryer to dry them. Place them in airy space or  near a window to dry them quickly, before you can put it back for use. Ensure your brushes are completely dry; do not use them if they are damp. Clean the other items of the makeup such as the eyelash curlers, sharpeners with cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

It is good to clean your makeup brushes as often as you can, to prevent the growth of the bacteria.By cleaning the brush, you are increasing the longevity of the brush and also  you are assured of a cleaner face.


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