Celebrity Style Updo

Updos are the classic hairstyles. They are always the first choice if you are going for a formal party or if you are wearing a classy gown. Updos are very formal, classy and also sexy. If you are wearing a strapless sleek dress, an updo is the thing to wear along with a string of pearls around your neck. It grabs attention to your shoulder blades and also your face. You’d be the eye catcher without much trouble.

You have always seen celebrities on television sporting that perfect updo with an even more perfect gown. You must have thought both cost a fortune and you couldn’t afford to get any. Well, if not the gown, you can surely get that perfect hairdo and that too at home. Read on to know the secret.

The first thing that you’ve got to do is create volume in your hair with a hot roller. Then take a few bunch of hair from the top and sides and curl them with a curling iron. Now flip all your hair to the front and start teasing the roots with a fine toothed comb. Don’t stop until a sort of nest is formed at the base. Use a hairspray to make it stay. Get your hair back in position and brush your hair with a paddle brush to smooth it out.

The final steps would be to take a bunch of hair from the back and secure it at the desired height with booby pins after twisting it clockwise. Now take the top parts and twist them and put your pins in place. Then take the sides one by one and twist them and pile them on top of the others. Put the bobby pins in and start with the hairspray. Make sure you get all the loose strands.

A little patience and precision does the trick. You’ll have your very own celebrity style hair updo.

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