Causes of Hair Loss

Hair fall is a common cause but what causes it is something we need to know since most of the time, it is we who cause damage to our hair. Some causes of hair loss are very common, infact we are aware about it yet we inflict the torture to our hair. If we look at our routine life and understand the causes of hair fall we can contain it to a great extent.

Though some causes are beyond human control like hormone related hair loss, stress induced hair fall, menopause related hair fall, genetically determined hair loss and hair loss due to some illness or disease. The other causes of hair fall which can be controlled are listed below to give you an insight about the simple things that we ignore and overdo which triggers hair loss.

1) Blow drying hair after every wash can cause breakage and ultimately hair fall, let your hair dry naturally. Air drying is the best way to dry your hair.

2) Using shampoo without conditioner can dry out your tresses so much that it can make your hair frizzy and lack luster. Always use a shampoo, followed by conditioner, also use a hair serum or leave – in conditioner.

3) Combing or brushing hair excessively can damage the hair cuticles, it can also cause split ends. A poor quality brush can cause twice the hair loss, so buy branded brushes don’t settle for a cheap make.

4) Unhygienic scalp and hair can cause dandruff and infections in the scalp. keep your hair clean shampoo it atleast thrice a week.

5) Avoid heated instruments like flat irons, hot metallic curlers etc, they are very harmful and frequent use will rip the hair off its natural moisture. Also hair products like mousse, gels, sprays should be used sparingly.

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