Camouflaging the Old Skin

Women have been obsessed with beauty since time immemorial. Women indulge in costly massages, beauty treatments and makeup to camouflage that old look. But what we need to understand is that growing old is a part of the skin’s life. We need to know the right tactics to camouflage that look to make ourselves look younger. We have compiled some of the tips to make you look younger. Go through these to know the skin secrets.

The most important thing to do is to protect your skin from the environmental pollution. Pollution makes skin look way older. Have a look at the following points:

If you think any kind of fluid will make your skin glow, you are wrong. Healthy drinks like fresh fruit juice and water will only make the healthy skin. Drinking an excess of caffeine and alcohol will only bring age nearer to you. One must drink at least 9 glasses of water everyday to detoxify the body and this will eventually make the skin glow.

Protecting your skin from the Ultra Violet rays is an important part of your skin regimen. A tan looks beautiful but only when it is healthy. An unhealthy tan will cause your skin to wrinkle and age prematurely. Always make sure to use a good sunscreen preferably of SPF 25 and above when you go out in the sun.

Scrub and moisturize your skin using upward hand movements. Upward circular movements will tighten the skin and delay aging. Nourishment is the answer to all aging problems of the skin.

Have balanced diet. Diet has a great impact on skin. Proper diet will ensure an ever youthful skin. Weight gain will wreck havoc on skin. Your skin will sag once it’s stretched due to excess of weight. Make sure to eat well and stay healthy.

Stick to our skin tips and make your skin look youthful forever. These tips will also help you camouflage your old sagging skin making it look younger. Keep referring to our articles for more tips on skin. So, make good use of these skin tips and stay glowing!


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