Bridal Mehendi

Indian bride is incomplete without Mehendi, it is an important part of the bridal do. Mehendi is applied on the hands and feet and the designs range from the traditional fine and intricate designs to the arabic style with a black outline. Mehendi application is a complete ceremony in itself where mehendi is applied to the bride and her friends and relatives with a lot of rituals. A good quality mehendi will not only give a dark brown colour but will also wear off slowly, it will not flake but will fade away slowly. If the Mehendi flakes after 2 – 3 days it certainly means that there is some chemical used to darken the colour.

There are some tips for mehendi application which will enhance the colour and the mehendi will stay for longer:

The first thumb rule is that Mehendi should be applied to clean hands and feet, secondly leave it on for atleast 2 -3 hours till it dries completely.

Do not wash your hands for removing mehendi instead scrap it off and ensure that you do not wet your hands for the next 24 hours.

To enhance the colour you can also apply “Nilgiri Tel” (eucalyptus oil) and also apply lemon and sugar syrub, this can be done when the mehendi gets dry.

For a better colour you can also apply balm or vicks once the mehendi has been scrapped off.

One more option is to take steam, for doing this take a Tava and put some cloves on it and take the steam that passes through the cloves.

Before applying mehendi ensure that your hands are not moisturised as the colour may not set properly, your hands and feet should be washed and dried. Also avoid washing your hands with an oil based soap, instead use a mud based soap. Bear these simple tips in mind for a fuller colour.

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