Braid Hairstyles 2010

Hair styles vary during the summer and fall. Braids are seen all over whether it is in the spring/summer 2010 runaway or the red carpets .To style yourself in braids is quite easy, right technique and styling tools can make you look stylish and modern.

If you want to look like a diva, try the creative braid. All you need to do is sport a messy bun made up of braids. Weave three little braids into one plait and twist it into a messy bun. If is not easy, go in for fishtail braid if you have long hair.

Divide your hair into two sections, leave two inches from hairline and start braiding pulling out thin strands from the left hand side parting and place this into right hand side of the parting .

Repeat it alternatively till you finish braiding all the hair and secure with an elastic band, leaving a few strands at the end .You can look stunning with this hairdo, it works well with any fashion style. Side braids is the latest trend which is versatile and popular, you can try this simple hairstyle to look gorgeous.

Direct hair to one side with a deep side part. Do the hair in French braid starting high on the head and secure it with an elastic. Give it a gentle shake to loosen the side braid ,letting it fall over one shoulder.

For a romantic look, style your hair in partial braids with loose ends and curl it up. The French braid is very popular, to look trendy do the French braid on the bangs. Take strands from the centre of the bang, do the french braid and go from the left to right and take it as far as you want it and fix with the bobby pins to your hair which is left loose or held together with a hair clutcher or you can stretch the braid and wrap it around the head. Glam braid wrap makes one look fashionable, for this hairstyle take a few strands of hair from behind the ear, braid it and set aside.

Braid the remaining hair and wrap it into a bun, secured with an elastic. To complete it, wrap the first braid around your head and pin to the bun. It is not necessary to stick to these hairstyles, try to be innovative and set the trend to look chic.


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