Beautify Your Nails

When it comes to beauty, we only think of skin, hair and makeup. We often ignore our nails, especially toe nails. Beauty is incomplete without beautiful nails. No matter how well you are dressed and how well you apply your makeup, unkempt nails can spoil your personality. Nails should be cut, filed and polished properly. Not just that, they shouldn’t be brittle. Nails not only need care and pampering, they also need proper maintenance. Proper nail care will show up in their beauty.

We give you some tips to beautify nails:

Cutting – Nails should be properly cut, too long nails look tacky and cheap. Not just that, it also attracts and retains dirt and grime. Don’t keep the nails too long, quarter or half an inch long nails are good enough. Depending on your nail growth, cut them regularly.

Filing – Filing is another important aspect. Cutting should be followed by filing. Use a good quality filer, else the nails will chip off and the ridges won’t be smooth. The right way to filing is to move the filer in one direction. Do not move the filer back and forth. This creates tension in the nails and leads to breakage.

Polishing – While polishing your nails, keep the fans switched off. Always apply two coats of nail polish and before you apply the first coat, use a transparent base coat. This will ensure that your polish stays for longer. While applying nail paint, do not ignore the sides of your nails, cover them completely. There shouldn’t be any visible lines of the nail paint. The application should be smooth. You can air dry nail polish or for quick drying you can dip your nails in a bowl of chilled water.

Follow these simple rules and beautify your nails.

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