Beautiful Curls, Beautiful You

We often invest a great deal of time and effort in trying to curl or crimp our hair. Tired of straight hair, women resort to different measures to conjure a wavy look. Those with curls in their hair can try different methods to dress it.

Curly hair is easy to dress in that it does not take very long to get it ready. With a good shampoo, all that is required is adequate drying and the use of good hair serum. Scrunch the hair and you are set to go. Most often, it is not even necessary to run a comb through the hair. Remember though, that it is always best to use shampoos and conditioners that are meant for your hair texture.

Curly hair can most easily be left open, with a little attention paid to the hairstyle. Evenly cut hair can be left open with a parting in the centre. If the hair is layered, opt for a parting in the side to give a slightly more fashionable look to the hair.

If you feel you need a look that is neater where the hair is more in place, you could choose a half-tied style. Pull back some of the hair from the front and tie it behind loosely. This not only keeps the hair out of the face, but also retains the charm of wavy or curly hair by leaving it loose behind.

The bun is a style people with curly hair should strictly avoid. Curls cause the bun to appear frayed and messy. Even with generous use of product, the effect is not up to the mark. Also avoid making a plait since the hair tends to look bunched up.

Do not straighten your hair. This is a style many spend time and money to obtain. It’s a pity should you want to let it go.

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