Bad Hair Days

Everyone goes through bad hair days and you know it can strike you anytime out of the blue. Once you are struck with a bad hair day, it is difficult to fix the problem. All the hair products will go phut and your usually manageable hair suddenly seems to be so stubborn. The solution for bad hair days is to prevent it in the first place. If you go for a hair cut that doesn’t suit your hair type and needs a lot of styling then you are inviting bad hair days. Your haircut should suit the hair type and the facial structure, for example a sleek look will always be a challenge to achieve if you have naturally wavy hair.

Such hairstyles are high on maintenance and if you are always on the run then it is best to avoid them completely. Another way of avoiding bad hair day is by using the right hair products, your shampoo’s and conditioners play and important role.

Any product residue can be a nightmare for your hair. It weighs down your hair and makes your hair appear dull or unwashed. Always keep your hair nourished, dry/ brittle hair can ruin your image and destroy your confidence. Go for deep conditioning treatments once in a fortnight, this will maintain the natural shine of your hair.

Few more tips that can be helpful would be to sleep on a satin pillow care, you wont wake up with a bed head look. Satin doesn’t absorb the natural moisture from your hair so your natural hair oil is not ripped.

Moreover satin allows for easy movement of the head while sleeping thus it doesn’t damage the cuticles. Another trick is to use tap water i.e. room temperature water for washing hair. Hot water opens up the cuticles of the hair whereas cold water flattens the cuticles and also adds shine to the hair.

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