Almond Oil for Skin

Extracted from the sweet almond kernels, almond oil is well-known for its numerous beauty and health benefits. It has been used since ancient times as an alternative medicine in Indian Ayurveda and Tibb Yunani, the Greco-Persian medicine.

Today as you walk down the aisle of any grocery or beauty store, you can find this oil being used in a number of beauty products for hair and skin. Besides being a rich source of Vitamin D and E, almonds also have a number of essential minerals including magnesium and calcium.

As a natural skin care tool, regular massages with almond oil can help improve your complexion, reduces the appearance of unsightly dark spots and allows the skin to retain its beautiful healthy glow.

It’s excellent moisturizing properties allows the oil to be used as a treatment for dry, chapped skin. As an emollient and a lubricant, the oil quickly gets absorbed into the skin, restores the skin’s moisture balance and repairs flaky, dry skin.

One of the persistent problems faced by women is the appearance of under eye dark circles and puffiness. Almond oil extracts used in eye gels not only help in reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes but also fight crow’s feet and the appearance fines lines and wrinkles.

People suffering from skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis can benefit greatly by the regularly massaging almond oil over the affected areas. These skin conditions can cause intense itching and dryness which can be effectively cured by almond oil. Its natural antimicrobial properties help in restricting the growth of bacteria that can cause these skin conditions.

Spas around the world have used this natural, non greasy oil in massaging and therapy. Massaged directly onto the skin or used in conjunction with other aromatherapy essential oils, almond oil is known to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Used extensively as a carrier or base oil, the sweet smell of almond adds a pleasant fragrance to other aromatherapy oils used in massages

Sweet and pure almond oil is beneficial for all skin types. However people with nut allergy should avoid using products with extracts of this oil. Pour a few drops of this oil on the skin and massage directly on the skin. Pure almond oil is easily available in major grocery, health and beauty stores.

Parul Solanki

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