All You Wanted To Know About Hair Serum

We often hear about the importance of serum, in grooming hair. Everyone talks about it, from your hairdresser to the celebrities. We too, swear by the benefits of hair serum. You will be amazed to know the different types of serum available in the market. Frizzy and dull hair that lacks lustre or breaks easily is shouting for some help. And hair Serum can come to your rescue.  When our hair becomes devoid of moisture, it breaks easily.

There can be severe breakage while combing, infact, at times, there can be breakage even if you run your fingers through the hair. Detangling dry hair can become a problem, but not any more with this magic potion called “Serum”. This wonder hair product will protect the hair from damage caused by heat and humidity.

It control frizz and dullness, moreover, it wont weigh down your hair like a leave-in conditioner. Serum is very light and is quickly absorbed by your tresses. It doesn’t form a thick coat on the hair shaft, making it the best choice for summers.

Serum, should be applied on wet or damp hair for best results. But do not apply too much of serum, it’s not your hair oil. It has a concentrated formula, so a small quantity is sufficient. Maybe a coin sized amount is good enough for the entire hair and a little more for the ends. Excess serum can make your hair greasy or limp.

Apply it with your palm and comb through for an even distribution of the product. Remember, serum needs to be applied on your hair shaft and not on the scalp or roots. Serum not only smoothes the hair, it also protects your tresses from the harmful UV rays. It can also act as a barrier against pollution, dust and grime.

It also helps in adding a little shine to your hair. One important thing to note is that, serum should not be used on unwashed and dirty hair. Always use it on a clean head.

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