A Sweaty Situation

Our lifestyle, the food we eat, our surroundings and the climate all contribute to how our hair ultimately looks. A combination of the above factors is a large contributor to hair problems. Most problems stem from simple negligence, but often lead to serious issues.

We all sweat in response to changes in climate, from strenuous physical activity, stress, or even while exercising. Not only is sweat emitted through pores in the skin, but also from the hair. While sweat on the skin is exposed and has the ability to dry up, or can be wiped off; sweat in the hair stays until it is washed out.

The problem about the secretion of sweat in the hair is that it can lead to a number of nags, both simple and major. Sweat secretion causes more oiliness. When combined with already oily hair, it poses a greater challenge. Due to the stickiness caused from sweating, the tendency for the hair to absorb dirt and dust becomes greater, causing hair to get dirtier faster. Prolonged exposure leads to the formation of dandruff, and causes itchiness in the hair. A slightly more serious problem that can be posed by sweat accumulated on the scalp is the onset of fungal infections. Sweat contains a greater salt content, which when deposited for long on the scalp can lead to the incidence of infections setting in.

The best way to keep all problems at bay is to keep the hair clean always. Shampoo the hair often – if possible every alternate day if your length is a constraint. Since the hair is being washed more, use a slightly more mild shampoo. If you are aware that your scalp has the tendency to release more sweat, avoid using too much oil in the hair, it invites infections faster.

Simple hygiene is all that is required to keep the hair clean. It’s no fancy operation. Just more concern for your own well-being.

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