8 Steps to Stunning Hair

Taking good care of your hair is not as difficult as you think it is. It doesn’t take anything special. Just some attention to detail. You don’t need too many special products or orientation. Following 8 simple rules of thumb are all it takes. Here are the most important things to bear in mind while caring for the hair.

UNDERSTAND: Understand first what kind of hair you have. Analyze its texture, the length you maintain and the conditions that you hair is exposed to. Not only will this help you understand its demands better, it also equips you to cater to its needs.

CLEAN: Wash your hair regularly. Depending on the needs of your hair, was it as often as you can. Take good care to dry it before you step out. Do not leave your hair to drip dry on its own. If you feel that your hair is particularly dirty for some reason, although you have washed it in time, give it the benefit of the extra rinse. Often, a deviation from our lifestyle may cause excess sweat or dirt accumulation. Another reason could be that we just did not wash our hair well enough the last time and the oil has not been removed completely. Whatever the case, respond to the treatment your hair calls for.

OIL: Oil your hair regularly, at least once a week. Massage it as often as you can. The oil helps supplement the nutrition the hair receives from our intake of food. Once absorbed, it helps in strengthening the roots. Massages help stimulate circulation and foster growth.

CONDITION: Remember always to condition your hair once you have finished shampooing. It helps keep the hair manageable, strong and shiny.

NEGLECT: Never neglect the hair. Save your hair from exposures to any harsh conditions that it might encounter through your daily lifestyle. Protect it well from the sun, dust and smoke. Eat a balanced, adequate diet to give the hair all the nutrition it needs. Often our own neglect and not any extraneous force is responsible for hair problems.

TRIM: Visit the salon regularly to give your hair a trim. Even if you wish to grow your hair remember that a trim is necessary. A trim does not mean that you are reducing its length substantially; you are only just getting rid of split ends and unhealthy hair so your hair can grow better.

NATURE: Let your hair be as close to nature as possible. Avoid the use of too many chemicals and products on the hair. In the long run, they all contribute to graying and to ruining its texture. Find alternative natural treatments for any problem that you might have. There is a natural remedy for almost all troubles.

ENJOY: At the end of the day, if you don’t have fun with your hair and enjoy it, no one else will. Make peace with the way your hair is. Don’t be too hard on it or yourself.

Nature cures all ills. Trust your insight, and you are assured healthy, beautiful hair.

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