5 Ways To Deal With Dry Hair

Dry hair can affect almost anyone at anytime. Infact dry hair is the prime cause of bad hair day. What causes this dry hair syndrome? Well, the answer is-  improper care. When you don’t care for your hair and subject it to chemical treatments, strong hair products, it tends to get unmanageable. Dry hair also causes split ends. We know about the plenty of disadvantages of dry hair, now its time to do something about it. We share some tips to prevent and cure dry hair condition.

1) Your dry hair needs a good trim, this is the first important thing. Trimming hair will ensure that the split ends don’t spread themselves further. Whether you agree or no, dry hair will have split ends, if not many, at least few split ends and you have to nip it in the bud.

2) Next is to moisturise and nourish your mane. But before you go in for any kind of moisturising treatment, ensure that your hair is squeaky clean. Otherwise the conditioning treatment will do no good to your hair, in fact it will further weigh down your dry tresses and make them limp and excessively greasy.

3) Change your shampoo and conditioner, you never know, your dry hair culprit might be hiding in your bathroom. Changing your shampoo is a very good idea, it can make a huge difference.

4) Oil your hair at least once in a week and everytime you oil your mane, use a hot towel wrap. This will ensure that the oil penetrates deeper in your hair shaft and soothes the rough cuticles.

5) Another home remedy is to apply curd, apart from being an excellent conditioner, it also cures dandruff and prevents hair loss. Curd is the most natural conditioner and can also darken the colour of your hair when mixed with black pepper powder.

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