3 Ways To Battle Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day can affect us at some point of time, we need to be geared up either to deal with it or to prevent it. We suggest, you learn to prevent it, rather than dealing with it. Though there are quick fixes to tame unruly hair, it is better to prevent them in the first place. Your hair becomes unmanageable when it is not cared for, dry and dehydrated hair will be more unmanageable than soft and smooth hair. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful locks, but you can achieve it with a little bit of care and efforts.

We share some hair care secrets for a hale and hearty mane.

* Get rid of hair product residue, product built up is the main culprit for bad hair days. It weighs down the hair and makes it frizzy and dry. Moreover, it can also lead to hair complications like dandruff and hair fall. To ensure that your hair remains squeaky clean, wash it with a clarifying shampoo once in a fortnight. Alternatively, add a pinch of baking soda to your bathing water and wash your hair with this water. It will ensure that your mane is and so on.

* A quick fix to cover your bad hair is to tie your hair into a bun and gel the frontal area. Spray some hair perfume to get rid of any hair odour. Tying your hair up will ensure that your deadly locks don’t have the freedom to misbehave. But remember, this is a quick fix solution, don’t depend on this method, it will damage your hair further.

* Another quick fix is to use some powder on your oily and greasy mane. This will add a refeshing fragrance to your scalp and the powder wil soak up excess oil and grease. But once you get back home, ensure that you wash your hair.

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