Hair Regrowth

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Normal Hair loss


It is a normal process to shed hair on a daily basis ranging from 100 to 300 hairs randomly. While it is normal to lose up to about 100 hairs a day, too much brushing or undue washing can damage your hair and cause excessive hair loss. Normal hair loss depends upon individual’s genetic disposition, hormonal balance and lifestyle. Hence, it is important to identify one’s individual hair loss volume and be alert on any abnormal hair loss. You can try treating the causes of hair loss by simple home remedies that are very beneficial. Excessive hair loss may indicate underlying diseases and health conditions and hence it is important to identify and treat unnecessary hair loss. Extreme hair loss may be an indicator of underlying health conditions like diabetes.

Causes of Hair Loss

Diets with nutritional deficiencies and stressful lifestyle definitely contribute to hair loss. Women may experience normal hair loss after pregnancy. This is due to the changes in certain hormone levels during the pregnancy period and post-pregnancy. However, if you notice excessive hair fall then it is better to take necessary steps to prevent it. Certain medications can also make patients lose hair. You can consult with your doctor about the medicines that could be the cause of hair loss and get alternatives. Fungal infections in the scalp and iron deficiency are additional reasons for hair loss.

Home remedies for Hair Loss - Hair Regrowth

Improper hair care and using chemical treatments on the scalp can lead to hair loss problems. The chemicals in the products harm the hair rather than doing any good. On the other hand, home treatments use all natural products like herbs and essential oils. Hence, it is always safe to try these home remedies to get great benefits. These treatments help you regain lost hair and manage normal hair loss problems. It is easier to follow these natural remedies and try them at home at your own pace. Herbal mixes with plenty of iron and vitamin E can be helpful in prevention of hair loss.

Herbs, oils and herbal mixtures - Hair Growth Remedies

Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight, grind to make a smooth paste and massage into the scalp. Wrap with a towel for sometime before shampooing.

You can also massage the scalp with raw egg yolk to get a shiny hair and it effectively prevents hair loss.

One teaspoon of mustard seeds boiled for five minutes in a cup of water can be ingested to prevent normal hair loss.

Massaging scalp with coconut milk, which is prepared by scrapping the coconut flesh, will nurture the hair and encourage hair growth.

Capsicum is useful in bringing all the necessary nutrients to the scalp and facilitating hair regrowth.

Neem paste can be applied on the scalp to fight infections.

Equal amounts of black pepper and lemon seeds are ground together and mixed with water to make a paste. Keep this mixture on the scalp for a few minutes before shampooing and is effective in preventing hair loss.

Phytoestrogens in dong quai, a Chinese herb is known to stop hair loss and maintain healthy hair. Use a solution of rosemary leaves boiled in water to wash your hairs daily. This mix can also be used as a spray.

Massaging coconut oil combined with amla powder can be effective in bringing back healthy hair.

Tips to avoid normal hair loss

Inadequate nutrition and stress also contributes to excessive shedding of hair. It is important to have a balanced diet with all the important nutrients. Hair and fingernails receives nutrients from the body last of all. Hence, it is utmost necessary to have a nutritious diet to prevent normal hair loss. It is better to avoid putting harmful chemicals on the scalp. It is better to avoid over combing and brushing the wet hair. Proper hair care and brushing can help you tackle normal hair loss troubles.