Female Hair Loss

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Hair Loss in Women

Types of female hair loss

The most general type of female hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. This type is commonly known as female pattern alopecia. It causes partial hair loss in females. There are two different types of hair loss, which are commonly known as Telogen effluvium and anagen effluvium.

Hair Loss Symptoms

Mostly the disease is seen as hair thinning in sides and over the top of the head. It affects around one-third of all effected women, but commonly it is seen after menopause. It may also begin as early as when the girl reaches to puberty. Hair fall is normal when about 40 to 60 hairs fall per day but in some days the amount of the hair increases and reaches to 100-125 hairs per day. In some other cases the hair regenerates but true hair loss occurs when lost hairs will not grow again.

Causes of female Hair loss

There are many causes which effect directly or indirectly towards female hair loss or hair loss in women. In some cases hormonal imbalance will leads to hair loss. Hormonal changes occur with the increasing age of the females and contribute towards hair loss. The hormonal imbalance mostly occurs in female during pregnancy, menopause and also while using birth control medicine. Some physical anxiety such as anemia, skull eczema, and change in weight rapidly, any type of surgery and after delivery will cause the female hair loss very fast. In some cases the symptom of the disease may have been inherited to the victim. High doses of Vitamin A, Thyroid abnormalities, blood pressure and mental illness are some other causes of female hair loss.

Regular shampooing and cheap quality hair products contributes to hair loss. Wigs and hats will also dangerous for the hair. Brushing the hair is an efficient exercise for the hair because the blood flows very fast through out the scalp. Mental stress is dangerous for female hair loss so the patient will have to avoid the mental work and leave the tension. Dandruff is a basic unit of every scalp disease so try to get rid of dandruff.

Detection of the disease

The majority causes of female hair loss are efficiently treated but in some cases it seems an impossible task. Often the detection of the disease is proved with the symptoms but in many cases the patient will enable to detect the proper cause of the disease. If the patient is suffering from any other complication then doctors refer to blood test for the accurate detection.

Home remedies for female hair loss

One can treat the hair fall by adopting some simple home remedies. These work much efficiently in some cases and will positively reduce the budget of the patient. These are simple tasks and any one can do it. Yogurt can be applied to the effected area with the combination of egg and mustard oil to treat hair loss. It is considered the best tonic for hair loss, if the cause is dandruff or scalp eczema. There is another helpful tonic which one can prepare at home and this tonic will lead the regeneration of the lost hair with in fifteen days. Apply coarsen oil in a little amount with the help of a cotton bud in the effected area and then massage the combination of coconut oil with mustard oil, seed oil and almond oil. 

Medical Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

Always use the medical treatment under the prescription of a physician. Do not use self medication as it could be dangerous or may aggravate the disease or some time causes other side effects. Treating with Rogaine (topical minoxidil 2%) an FDA approved medication is widely prescribed for female pattern hair loss. Do not use Propecia as it does not work as efficiently as in men. Aldactone is available in pills form and is very useful for treating female hair loss; especially whose hair starts falling before menopause but it is a slow and steady procedure. Prempro and Aldactone pills are beneficial in balancing the hormonal level after menopause.