Vitamins for Hair Growth

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Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamins are extremely imperative for hair growth and any deficiency of vitamins in the normal diet causes hair loss immediately. Hair loss on account of vitamin deficiency, if diagnosed early and properly can be quickly controlled and the restoration of hair can be fully achieved if the required vitamins are consumed. Vitamin B helps particularly in hair growth and so are some other vitamins. Indiscriminate consumption of Vitamin A over a period of time causes hair loss but can be rectified if corrected in time. Take the required amount of Vitamins and hair loss is automatically curtailed and incorporating a balanced diet containing these Vitamins produces the best results.

Role of Vitamins for Hair Growth and Hair Loss Prevention

Di-hydro testosterone (DHT) which is the main agent causing hair loss is obstructed from being produced by the available vitamins and hair loss cause is immensely benefitted. Vitamins revitalize mutilated hair follicles to normalcy and they in turn help to have a healthy hair growth. Vitamins give the required strength and ingredients for the scalp and help the hair to flourish in a congenial environment. Vitamins also bring back the damaged and dried hair particles to working conditions. Vitamins, if they are unable to prevent, at least slow down the process of hair loss considerably. There are some vitamins which are essentially required for good hair growth and health. Vitamin program should be under taken with the help of your doctor for the correctness and utility and requires time for the results to come in.

Hair Vitamins and Vitamins to Stop Hair Loss

Vitamin A available in dairy produce, poultry items and leafy vegetables acts as an antioxidant and produces a fatty substance called Sebum which is good for the scalp. However care should be taken not to consume excess quantities of vitamin A as it causes Hair Loss. Vitamin C present in green vegetables, citrus fruits and strawberries protect the hair health. Vitamin E on the other hand increases blood circulation in the scalp and can be found in soybeans, nuts, vegetable oils and green vegetables.

However, patients with high blood pressure should take Vitamin E only on the advice of their doctor. Biotin produces Keratin, which prevents hair loss and stops graying. Inositol, plentiful in whole grains and citrus helps hair follicles stay healthy and strong. Limited amount of Vitamin B3 helps in excellent circulation of the scalp. Vitamin B5 also delays graying and helps in stopping hair loss is available in whole grains, meats and egg yolk. Vitamin B6 is essential for hair color and also prevents hair loss substantially, can be found in vegetables, whole grains and egg. Vitamin B12 is required to stop hair loss and can be sourced from dairy produce and poultry products.

Why do we take Hair Vitamins and Supplements?

Although the food consumed by the body gives the required Vitamins for hair, it may not be sufficient and requires an additional in take of hair vitamins and supplements to augment the available sources. This can be done by shampoos and conditioners available in the market to augment the deficiency of hair vitamins for good results.

Natural Sources of Hair Nutrients.

Vitamins essential for healthy hair growth can be obtained from a balanced diet containing salmon fish, nuts, fresh fruits, meat, Iron and fresh vegetables. Vegetables should not be over cooked at any time as the vitamins are lost while doing so. Fresh fruits like citrus and lemon provide the highest amount of Vitamin C. Regular exercise will stimulate the blood circulation and helps the scalp too.

Vitamins for Hair Loss.

The usage of vitamin based shampoo instead of chemical based shampoo to an extent reduces hair loss. The shampoo selected should be able to stimulate the scalp completely for quick hair growth. In addition to a shampoo, a good conditioner should also be used mainly to protect the hair from fissures due to styling or other harsh conditions. Conditioners make the hair smooth, silky and shiny and they should be used only after the shampoo is used first and thoroughly cleaned. The regular usage of shampoos provide the necessary vitamins and hair loss can be prevented to an extent. After having discussed the necessity of vitamins and hair loss prevention measures, it is advised to have a program incorporating the needs to suit the particular individual for greater results.